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Elder Scrolls: Legends is a free 2 play strategy card game for mobile devices and PC, created by Bethesda Softworks. The game delves into the Elder Scrolls Characters, deities, creatures and lore. It doesnt matter if you only have a few minutes to play or want to do a mammoth session, ES: Legends offers a number of challenges and game modes tailered to anyones needs. Built for people of all skill levels ES:L offers an easy to learn yet hard to master gameplay.

There are five factions or in Elder Scrolls Legends's case attributes of cards, you can use up to 2 different attributes in your deck. Test and combine different attributes to create your unique playstyle! The Attributes are:

Willpower: Depend on force of spirit and unity to overcome your enemies! Adept at creating large armies with many creatures, strong defenses and magic buffs, this attribute is best at killing creatures or otherwise controlling them. foe.

Strength: Archieving victory trough power and might! Attacking the enemy full on and destroy them before they can get to steam. The best attritbute to simply smash your enemies!

Intelligence: The attribute of magic and trickery! While their creatures have a very low physical strength you have a wide range of spells equipment and magical weapons at your disposal to bet your foe. Ideal for longer games.

Agility: Using a range of extra powers like poison and precision the agility's creatures can take out much larger enemy creatures. Combined with its ability to be stealthy this is a killer combo!

Endurance: This attribute has the largest and most ferocious creatures from giant trolls to hordes of undead zombies. Use special equipment , potions and your magicka to ensure your win on the battlefield.

The story of Elder Srolls Legends is centered in the elder scrolls world of Tamriel, a giant continent of huge diversity. With the huge selection of cards and stratagies available you are certain to make your mark in the world!

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